Music concerts!


Dakota Events-Restaurant loves music and artists. It appreciates both professional musicians and singers as well as amateur musicians and singers.

At Dakota Events-Restaurant, we believe that music is a journey and people who let their passion lead them and become members of choirs and ensembles will find a place here that is happy to welcome and applaud them!

Dakota Events-Restaurant halls has auditoriums with excellent acoustic, for music concerts.

The Pianos Hall usually preferred by members of the choirs and clubs. Pianos Hall has full space for the orchestra and its members and has the necessary musical instruments for any recital.

Of course, you can bring your instruments too and have all the time required for your rehearsal before the scheduled event or recital.

Rachmaninoff‘s Piano at Dakota Events-Restaurant halls!

Dakota Events-Restaurant has the honor to possess a historical grand piano that belonged to Sergei Rachmaninoff, the famous composer, pianist and conductor.

This grand piano is very old, and it was manufactured between 1868 and 1892 in Tartu, in Rathke’s piano factory. Only sixteen (16) pianos in the world Rathke factory manufactured, before the factory burnt down, in 1892.

Every Rahtke piano has a number, that is its identifier. One of those pianos was bought by Rachmaninoff and many famous melodies and rhapsodies, have been composed in this grand piano, by Sergei Rachmaninoff himself!

This piano is now in the Pianos Hall at Dakota Events-Restaurant, something we are very proud of!

Dakota Events-Restaurant halls can host piano music concerts by two pianists and jazz events as well. The white Rathke grand piano and another black grand piano, are awaiting in the room for the next pianist’s recital!

The capacity of the room can easily reach 130 people, depending on the desired design for the event. The equipment needed to organize every event, such as audio equipment, microphones, music stands, etc., also provided.

Luxurious Halls with easy access!

Dakota Events-Restaurant halls have integrated air conditioning and ventilation systems. They also have lighting effects that you can use for your events, which are provided free of charge.

The halls are designed having in mind the safety and comfort of its guests. The halls are easily accessible to all guests, regardless of their age, fitness and physical ability. Moreover, has all the necessary auxiliary spaces demanded, designed with discreet luxury.

Access to the Pianos Hall, has no obstacles or steps. This makes it the perfect venue for events. We are at your disposal and will be happy to host your recital. Finally, the site offers free internet access for all.

For more information and a tour of the venue, please call the Dakota Events-Restaurant Team,

M: 695-569.3001

How to get to Dakota Events-Restaurant by Metro, Bus or by car!

By Metro: 4′ walk.

Dakota Events-Restaurant is located right next to Elliniko Metro Station. It is just 4′ walk to the exit of the station. It is located behind the super market AB Vasilopoulos, which you can see as you exit the Elliniko metro station.

By Bus: 4′ on foot.

Dakota Events-Restaurant halls is located at the intersection of Vouliagmeni and Iassonidou Avenues, at the height of Elliniko.

There are many buses to the area and the bus stop is a 4′ walk from the Dakota Events-Restaurant halls.

By car

There are several parking options. You can find free as well as organized parking areas available for a fee.

For information and a tour, please call theDakota Events-Restaurant Team : 695-569.3001.