Musical Bands!


At Dakota Events-Restaurant, music bands, artists and even orchestras can find a place for presentations.

Dakota Events-Restaurant often hosts music events because of the convenience of its location. It is just a 4′ minute walk from the Elliniko Metro station so it is hassle-free.

There is organized space for orchestras and musical instruments for the band and its members, including pianos, drums, and guitars. Audio and microphone equipment is also provided and audio-visual coverage is available.

Jazz nights and beyond!

Dakota Events-Restaurant possess two grand pianos, a white and a black one, that are waiting for the artists’ next recital!  With the company of a saxophone, trumpet, and guitar, your music will please yours fans for sure.

We have the honor of owning one of the sixteen (16) Rathke pianos made, and one of them belonged to the famous pianist, composer and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff.

This white Rathke grand piano has an identifier. It was manufactured, between 1868 and 1892, in Tartu, Estonia, by Rathke.

Artists and music bands have the opportunity to use Dakota Events-Restaurant’s magnificent pianos at their events. They can also do the rehearsals required before their music event.

For a unique presence, we recommend you to use the special colored lighting effects available on-site. They are offered free of charge to complete the musical performance.

The two Pianos Hall!

The capacity of the hall can easily reach 130 people, depending on the desired design for the event. The equipment needed to organize every music performance, such as audio equipment, microphones, music stands, etc., are provided.

Access to the site is easy, with no steps, at all. This makes it very convenient for visitors. Moreover, access through ramps makes it the perfect venue for events.

In addition there is a smoking area and free internet access.

For information and a tour, please call the Dakota Events-Restaurant Team: 695-569.3001

How to get to Dakota Events-Restaurant by Metro, Bus or by car!

By Metro: 4′ walk.

Dakota Events-Restaurant is located right next to Elliniko Metro Station. It is just 4′ walk to the exit of the station. It is located behind the super market AB Vasilopoulos, which you can see as you exit the Elliniko metro station.

By Bus: 4 ‘on foot.

Dakota Events-Restaurant is located at the intersection of Vouliagmeni and Iassonidou Avenues, at the height of Elliniko.

There are many buses to the area and the bus stop is a 4’ walk from the Dakota Events-Restaurant.

By car

There are several parking options. You can find free as well as organized parking areas available for a fee.

For information and a tour, please call the Dakota Events-Restaurant Team: 695-569.3001.