Bambas Art Bags Collection!


A unique collection of leather artworks consisting of works by Bambas is showcased exclusively at the Art Shop.

Each design is original and unique. Every creation is a journey and an ode to handmade art. Only the finest and softest handpicked Italian leather available is selected by the Bambas experts to use as a painting canvas.

This is because they need special treatment before artists can use them.

Every bag is a work of art. Due to the extremely high quality and originality of their creations, each bag needs 240 hours of work to be completed! The team at Bambas Atelier use a special technology to give life to leather.

In each bag, painting, engraving and other technical procedures are applied. Every art bag passes through special processing by the artist’s hands 28 times before it achieves its unique look.

A very special leather art creation lies at the end of each Bambas journey!

In addition to thousands of original designs by artists, every year, Bambas chooses a famous painter and the period in which he wants to focus. His goal is to introduce to the public the works of great masters, such as Wassili Kandinsky, Miro, Klimt, Picasso Chagall, Matisse, and many others.

Through his own creations, driven by his own art, admiration and love, people can admire the unique works of famous painters.

In his atelier, he makes a predetermined number of bags perfected to the smallest detail, so that each workmanship reflects the quality and uniqueness of the artist himself.

Atelier Bambas from time to time, gives young artists the opportunity to create and propose their own original design. After being tested and studied, a lucky artist will be invited to the Bambas Atelier in the Czech Republic to highlight their talent.

We invite you to experience the grandeur and elegance of original, hand painted works of art from the Bambas atelier. Exclusive creations from the hearts, minds and hands of Czech masters.

A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each bag, while the name of the holder is listed and remains on the collection’s files.

You can contact the Gallery on the phone (+30 6955-693.001).